Oxy settles charges it illegally dumped waste

An oil pump jack is hard at work around sunset next to the bike path in Bakersfield in this June 2014 photo.

BY JOHN COX The Bakersfield Californian [email protected]

Two local oil producers owned by Occidental Petroleum Corp. have agreed to pay $476,784 to settle charges they improperly disposed of 57,000 gallons of fluid waste into unlined pits in the Central Valley between early 2012 and Nov. 15 of last year.

Fracking’s Problems Go Deeper Than Water Pollution

SALTY, CHEMICAL-LADEN FLUID leaked for two hours before anyone from Vantage Energy let Arlington city officials knew there had been an accident at the hydraulic fracturing well next to the Baptist church.

Could Fracking in Los Angeles Cause an Earthquake?

Conversations about fracking, the controversial technique for natural gas extraction (alternately known as “that thing that turns your tap water flammable”) are typically confined to Pennsylvania, where the critically acclaimed documentary Gasland was set, or the state of New York, currently debating whether or not it will allow fracking after a four-year hiatus for environmental review.

Don’t feel left out, Angelenos, we’ve got fracking here too! And it might even be more dangerous than the kind that has allegedly poisoned drinking water and polluted the air in the Midwest and on the East Coast — because injecting a high-pressure mixture of chemicals into the Earth to create fissures that release natural gas could have the effect of triggering a massive earthquake here in Southern California.